Sunday, November 29, 2009

For my friends

I love when I am able to do something for my friends and get great photos! Here are some I took today of three of the coolest kids ever! My friends A and P asked me to take some photos of the kiddos for Christmas and I was happy to do it. Enjoy these few and I will get the rest done soon!! :)

B Family

I had a great time with the B family again this past weekend. This time we were indoors so it wasnt so cold and we got to get some photos of the newest little guy in their family. Little C was so sleepy and was such an awake little guy but we were able to get some great photos. Miss C was having a typical almost two year old day, she wanted to take pictures, but not with mom, dad or baby brother. I love this is so fun!!! Here are the few I was able to get done, thanks so much and I will have your gallery info soon!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Always fun

To get to go back and photograph people that I have already photographed. The B family has been here on my blog before. H had little man on October 31st and I had the chance to take some newborn photos for them. After a marathon 4 hour session, we were able to get some AMAZING shots for the who family to enjoy. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek B family and I will have your gallery up soon.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

For the one that serves

I had the opportunity to take some photos for one of our own while he is overseas. His wife and children wanted some photos to be able to send him while he is gone. I had a great time getting these shots for them and I cant wait to finish them all up. Enjoy your sneak peek and I will have your gallery up soon!