Friday, May 29, 2009

365-Photo for Each Day

So I am trying an idea from a fellow photographer to take a photo every day and blog about it for the next 365 days! We will see how it works but I am hoping I keep it going. :) Feel free to join me in this journey and see what neat things come about!! I will be back tomorrow for day 1!!!


  1. Oh my goodness ! This will keep your mind working on all the different things... good luck ! I love to see kid disaster photos... too cute and " in the momenet if you will ! Example... A young child that looks af if they have been caught with toilet paper all over them, and about three foot around them, or in a tube of lipstick from moms purse and a nice red smear, lol... or a child doing adult things... cooking, a big bowl a couple of cracked eggs with flour all over their lil hands and face, I'll be watching !

  2. Yay! Glad you decided to do it!!